Monday, January 19, 2009

Which Bleach Vice-Captain are You?

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huhu....sejak sebulan duer ni asik men'download n menonton bleach je keje...sbb tu ar dh tak excited nk buat aktiviti ber'blog ni...huhu...lg plak duk pikir bab dissertation yg xde pkembgn ni...buat diri sndr rase neves plak kalu xleh nk submit sblm julai stkt pikir je la...xde inisiatif nk wat pn...huhu..sbbnyer... MALASsssssssss......xtau ngape....mmg skrg ni raser lebih rajin unt bermalas-malasan....huhu.....

pe pn dlm malas2 ni smpt gak wat 2 quiz...oleh kerana skrg ni penyakit 'giler bleach' kembali melanda 'daku' sejak terrrrputus drpd aktiviti men'download bleach pada julai 2006....dgn tekad n smgat yg jitu...'daku' cari gak quiz bleach....heheh

ni quiz psl vice-captain...vice-captain yg paling ‘ku’ ske Kusajishi Yochiru sbb dier pn jom check result....

Which of the following Captains do you admire most?
· Kurotsuchi Mayuri
· Soi Fong
· Ichimaru Gin
· Ukitake Jyuushiro
· Aizen Sousuke
· Kuchiki Byakuya
· Kyouraku Shunsui
· Komamura Sajin
· Hitsugaya Toushirou (hitsugaya taichou yg comey...huhu)
· Zaraki Kenpachi
· Unohana Retsu
· Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
· Tousen Kaname

Assume you're a student in the Shinigami Academy. You're on a field trip, and a gigantic Hollow attacks you and your friends. What would you do?
· Run for your life!!!
· I'd be as scared as hell but fight it anyway (huh....konon)
· Tell your friends to run and face down the enemy alone
· I only save my father, sorry
· Fight it, DUH. You expect me to take that sitting down?
· Show the Hollow my boobs. It'll get a nosebleed and die of blood loss.
· Die Hollow DIE!!!
· *glares at Hollow* Go away, or else....
· Run away, screaming for your mommy
· Charm it with my total cuteness
· If it does honour to my family I'll protect my friends!
· Drink some sake. Bah. Who cares about a lousy Hollow when there's good sake.

What colour would your sword hilt be?
· Mauve
· Pink ^^
· Black
· Blood red
· Dark blue (xtau nape...tapi ske warne ni...)
· Orange
· Cream
· Yellow
· Light Blue
· Magenta
· I wouldn't have a sword; Kidou's my thing

What accesories would you have?
· A book.
· A tattoo. Just one, though...
· Umm.. none.. I guess...
· Just my fukutaichou badge
· A lollipop!
· A bag of chips
· Some funky hair clips
· My cuteness is enough! No accessories needed!!
· Lots and lots of tattoos. I wear a bandanna occasionally. Oh, and sunglasses are a must.
· A cig and sunnies
· A necklace of sorts
· Piercings, collars, the goth works.

Which song best describes you?
· Fighter (ermmm.....huhu)
· The Killers
· You Are My Everything
· Your Body is a Wonderland
· Looney tunes theme song
· Mozart's Fifth Symphony
· Goodies
· Freestyla'
· Papercut
· Once Upon a December
· Summer Son
· Shakespeare in Love

Your attitude toward your Captain would be...
· Respectful. I'd follow all his orders.
· I'd die for him/her.
· He's my best friend!
· I'm a little afraid of my Captain, but I try not to show it
· My Captain is my idol
· The usual. I respect him/her... *yawn* boring.
· I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.
· A purely professional relationship
· I like my Captain. He's a great guy, but I'm actually the one in charge around here.
· I try not to show any affection for my Captain though I have a secret crush on him/her
· Well, he's my Captain. No feelings whatsoever.
· I'll defend my taichou even against my own friends

Someone asks you out to prom. You really don't like the person. Your response?
· Proms are stupid.
· I'm holding out for that special someone to ask me
· I'm asking someone else, sorry
· I've been asked a million times by a million people and for the millionth time, NO!!!!
· Sorry. Daddy said I couldn't go.
· Oh f*** off already.
· Ummm... No, I'm going with someone else. (huhu....dh xske nk wat camne...)
· *cold stare*
· Will there be candy?
· I won't be going to prom, so, no.
· I'm married, hello?
· Yeah, whatever, I don't really care.
. Sure!! *ecchi grin


Hehe… Isane ke…quiet, demure, loyal....huhu…ader la sket kot…..heheh...ker ader byk...huhu

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