Monday, January 19, 2009

Which Bleach Vice-Captain are You?

Salam alllzzzzzz......

huhu....sejak sebulan duer ni asik men'download n menonton bleach je keje...sbb tu ar dh tak excited nk buat aktiviti ber'blog ni...huhu...lg plak duk pikir bab dissertation yg xde pkembgn ni...buat diri sndr rase neves plak kalu xleh nk submit sblm julai stkt pikir je la...xde inisiatif nk wat pn...huhu..sbbnyer... MALASsssssssss......xtau ngape....mmg skrg ni raser lebih rajin unt bermalas-malasan....huhu.....

pe pn dlm malas2 ni smpt gak wat 2 quiz...oleh kerana skrg ni penyakit 'giler bleach' kembali melanda 'daku' sejak terrrrputus drpd aktiviti men'download bleach pada julai 2006....dgn tekad n smgat yg jitu...'daku' cari gak quiz bleach....heheh

ni quiz psl vice-captain...vice-captain yg paling ‘ku’ ske Kusajishi Yochiru sbb dier pn jom check result....

Which of the following Captains do you admire most?
· Kurotsuchi Mayuri
· Soi Fong
· Ichimaru Gin
· Ukitake Jyuushiro
· Aizen Sousuke
· Kuchiki Byakuya
· Kyouraku Shunsui
· Komamura Sajin
· Hitsugaya Toushirou (hitsugaya taichou yg comey...huhu)
· Zaraki Kenpachi
· Unohana Retsu
· Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
· Tousen Kaname

Assume you're a student in the Shinigami Academy. You're on a field trip, and a gigantic Hollow attacks you and your friends. What would you do?
· Run for your life!!!
· I'd be as scared as hell but fight it anyway (huh....konon)
· Tell your friends to run and face down the enemy alone
· I only save my father, sorry
· Fight it, DUH. You expect me to take that sitting down?
· Show the Hollow my boobs. It'll get a nosebleed and die of blood loss.
· Die Hollow DIE!!!
· *glares at Hollow* Go away, or else....
· Run away, screaming for your mommy
· Charm it with my total cuteness
· If it does honour to my family I'll protect my friends!
· Drink some sake. Bah. Who cares about a lousy Hollow when there's good sake.

What colour would your sword hilt be?
· Mauve
· Pink ^^
· Black
· Blood red
· Dark blue (xtau nape...tapi ske warne ni...)
· Orange
· Cream
· Yellow
· Light Blue
· Magenta
· I wouldn't have a sword; Kidou's my thing

What accesories would you have?
· A book.
· A tattoo. Just one, though...
· Umm.. none.. I guess...
· Just my fukutaichou badge
· A lollipop!
· A bag of chips
· Some funky hair clips
· My cuteness is enough! No accessories needed!!
· Lots and lots of tattoos. I wear a bandanna occasionally. Oh, and sunglasses are a must.
· A cig and sunnies
· A necklace of sorts
· Piercings, collars, the goth works.

Which song best describes you?
· Fighter (ermmm.....huhu)
· The Killers
· You Are My Everything
· Your Body is a Wonderland
· Looney tunes theme song
· Mozart's Fifth Symphony
· Goodies
· Freestyla'
· Papercut
· Once Upon a December
· Summer Son
· Shakespeare in Love

Your attitude toward your Captain would be...
· Respectful. I'd follow all his orders.
· I'd die for him/her.
· He's my best friend!
· I'm a little afraid of my Captain, but I try not to show it
· My Captain is my idol
· The usual. I respect him/her... *yawn* boring.
· I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.
· A purely professional relationship
· I like my Captain. He's a great guy, but I'm actually the one in charge around here.
· I try not to show any affection for my Captain though I have a secret crush on him/her
· Well, he's my Captain. No feelings whatsoever.
· I'll defend my taichou even against my own friends

Someone asks you out to prom. You really don't like the person. Your response?
· Proms are stupid.
· I'm holding out for that special someone to ask me
· I'm asking someone else, sorry
· I've been asked a million times by a million people and for the millionth time, NO!!!!
· Sorry. Daddy said I couldn't go.
· Oh f*** off already.
· Ummm... No, I'm going with someone else. (huhu....dh xske nk wat camne...)
· *cold stare*
· Will there be candy?
· I won't be going to prom, so, no.
· I'm married, hello?
· Yeah, whatever, I don't really care.
. Sure!! *ecchi grin


Hehe… Isane ke…quiet, demure, loyal....huhu…ader la sket kot…..heheh...ker ader byk...huhu

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Does Sasuke Love You..?????

arini wat quiz ntah ape2...
ade ke org mcm sasuke ni ek...
muke desperately friendship...huhu
tapi ntah pe2 sasuke ni...
ok je kalo jadi best fwen naruto...
huhu...sombong :-p
sooo....sblm stat quiz
tgk dl pic sasuke ni..
cute btol....

Pick a animal that you like the most!
. Wolf
. Cat
. Snake
. Mouse
. Horse
. Fish

What of these is your favourite?
. Ramen
. Fish (xske mkn ikan...)
. Frence fries
. Cake (kalo kek pisang xpe...huhu)
. Muffin (kuih bahulu tu bleh dikire mcm muffin x..??)
. Other (nasik...mee...ayam....sotong....daging...bla..bla..)

Rp time... You walking around in the city and its very dark. You see Sasuke, he´s sitting alone and you walk up to him. When he say hi, what do you say??
. Hi...Whats up?? (kalo la dlm pilihan ni ade 'wat derk jer..' aku pilih yg 2...)
. Hi! (Smile big)
. Hi! (Hug him) (runs away)
. NOOOO! Not Sasuke!

Rp time... You see that Sasuke is trying to run away from fangirls. What do you do??
. I´m one of the fangirls!
. I´m the leader of the fangirls!
. I push him in a bush and say to the fan girls that he runs that way (pointing)! (huish...jahat ni..push smpi tegolek...)
. I drag him in my house to hide!
. (snicker)(help the fangirls) Hahahahahaaa!
. Help him and then kiss him!!!!!!!!
. Help him hide, then leave him in a trap! (just for him to get away him self then he says he loves me).

Rp... You see Sasuke fighting with Itachi! What does you do?
. (You like then both! You do nothing!)
. (Helping Sasuke but is just in the way)
. (Helping Itachi)
. (let them fight) (agak2 sape menang ek...)

Do you love Sasuke??
. Nooooo!
. Not love, like! (huhu....sasuke cool....)
. Yes...I relly do!
. OMG! YES! I mean...Yes!

Do you like...Take them you like!
. Sakura (kadang2 ske...kadang2 xske..)
. Sasuke
. Naruto (mestila ske...sbb hero..:-"..)
. Kakashi (serius...kdg2 klako...)
. Kiba
. Ino (comel...)
. Temari
. Tenten (mesti la geng2 naruto sume aku suke...)
. Akatsuki
. Itachi (ni bkn geng aku ske...)
. Other (shikamaru..lee..neji..hinata..gaara...lagi sape ek....)

Do you like to fight
. Yes, i love to fight!
. NOOOO! I hate it!
. No! My mum/dad say i can´t! (heheh....)
. YEEEES! but i suck!

. Bye, bye!
. Whatever! (soklan ke ape ni...ape2 je la...)
. Bye! See you some other time!
. Bye!


He don´t love you! You not on his kill list! (huh..dier ader kill list ke...haah ye la ader...) But he don´t love you! (huhu....keciwa gue...;-p...)

aper jeling2....xske dah ar...

Monday, December 1, 2008

What Color is Your Essence...??

what is your fantasy world? what would you most want your surroundings to be like?
. near the water
. NYC or Paris or somethin like that!
. near the woods
. i'm okay with whatever i get
. i don't care
. someplace dark where there aren't many people around
. where i am is fine, i need the surroundings i have to mature the way i was meant to.
. someplace with flat land, so you can see the sky
. with the people i love (huhu...)

What do you pursue?
. I don't really know, trying to decide (serius...ntah ar...)
. destruction...
. enlightenment. and i'm serious.
. meaning, love, happiness.
. I don't know. I don't pursue anything.
. happiness! love! fame! fortune!
. someone who understands me
. go with the flow, you know?
. a few goals that i work vigorously hard for

you would never love someone who...
. is mean (dari sgala aspek...)
. is boring
. exists
. is needy
. wasn't humanitarian...or someone sadistic/masochistic
. can't walk in your shoes
. restrains you
. looks down on you because of your beliefs
. was too distant

Right now, clear your mind, and erase your emotions. Take a few deep breaths. Now let emotions (not thoughts!) back in. What's the first thing you feel?
. Decisiveness, determination
. I was unable to clear my mind (huhuhu.....)
. Ease
. Calm reception
. Happiness
. Some new brilliant idea
. I was unable to clear my emotions
. Burned out/tired
. Instinct. Maybe even panic.

If your friend was better than you at something, how would you act?
. annoyed
. loyal, but a little sad (dgn kater lain...jeles....)
. i have no interests
. angry; you worked so hard!
. No one can be better at a talent than someone so easily...maybe its just that the way we approach it is different?...
. "cool. good job."
. ambitious
. Happy! I mean, they're good, right?
. I DUNNO!!!

What can you associate yourself with most? PICK 2 NO MORE NO LESS
. Feathers of my favorite color
. A key, a door, a lock
. Celestial things (moon stars sun etc)
. Lines from my favorite songs
. Fire and Ice Water, just floatin along...takin it easy... ( ;-)..... )
. What we wish for is who we are ( ;-p....)
. .....COLORS
. A mirror.



Your essence is white! You show off your kindness, your purity (baik ke..??..baik la jugok...huhuhu..). What you love the most are the people around you (sesetengah jer....ader ar 2 3 kerat...x sumer...;-"..). You tend to be very emotional and unstable--but this doesn't make you weak (lalala.....). This is another strength of yours, because you are wise about people--and you don't even know it (strength ke....??? erm...). If you trust your instincts more, you'll find you are very wise and powerful in addition to kind.

Don't worry so much about what people say to you--they don't know the full story ( kekadang terase ati gak...). You don't have a very strong sense of self, but you have a very strong self...if you catch my drift (erm....xpaham ar...huhu...).

7910 other people got this result! That's 21%

Friday, November 28, 2008

Unsur Wanita ~ air, api, tanah atau angin..???


Wanita air terdiri daripada mereka yang lahir di
bawah zodiak;
. Cancer (22 Jun-23 Julai)
. Scorpio (24 Oktober-22 November) dan
. Pisces (20 Februari-20 Mac).

*Mempunyai sifat semulajadi untuk berkembang maju.

*Mereka ini dipandu oleh perasaan hati dan mempunyai sifat mudah bersimpati, berdaya imaginatif, sentimental, mempunyai perasaan yang berubah-ubah dan berhati-hati.

*Tenang dan mudah tersentuh oleh emosi orang orang yang berada disekeliling dan cepat mengeluarkan air mata dalam sebarang situasi yang menyedihkan.

*Mudah mengikut rentak emosi orang lain dan juga diri sendiri.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Are You Destined for Fame...??

You're flipping through all your snapshots from your two-week summer vacation, and you notice that:
. Your eyes are closed in well over half of the pictures
. You're perfectly posed, even in the "unposed" shots.
. You're not in any--you were taking the pics. (huhu..slalu kalu b'gambar xcntk..xjd..sbb 2 lbh ske ambik gmbr org je..)

Fame is an express ticket to happiness.
. Believe it
. Not (sape2 pn akan jwb ni kot....)

Surprise round of truth or dare! Your whole crew's playing. First you think, "Dang this is dorky," then you:
. Roll your eyes but agree to sit don't want to be a lame-o (best lg kalu tgk org main je...xlibatkan diri...)
. Pretend your kid brother just paged you--like, he's stuck at a baseball practice and needs ride home. Or something. Gotta go!
. Demand that you go first, then choose, "Dare!"

Your friends describe you as:
. Kinda quiet and generally on the down-low (lalalala....sume org ckp gini....mntg la aku xbyk ckp)
. Just about right
. They can't describe you. Besides, who can get a word in edgewise with your mouth running at light speed all time?

Being on MTV's The Real World is:
. Something you've imagined doing, but you'd never ever pursue it
. A nigtmare. Cameras in your face and all your business airing prime time nationally? Heck, no. Give me privacy. . A given. You'll be on that show sometime,somehow, no doubt. After all, you've already sent seventeen tapes of yourself--they're

Dad asks you to bike to the convenience store to get last-minute stuff for this afternoon's barbecue with your cousins. You:
. Quickly check the mirror, run a comb through your hair, throw on shades and take off (heheh....)
. Jump on your bike and head out.

You're on a class trip to New York when you see your favorite rock stars in a coffe shop! What do you do?
. Rush up, start break dancing, and scream, "You gotta get me in your next video! I can sing, dance, anything! Seriously! "
. Check out their outfit so you can cop the same look when you get home
. Nothing. You've got a story for your buds--besides, isn't rude to interrupt them? (citer panas...aku jumpe artis td...dier senyum kat aku....hahaha...)

Between your bedroom, backpack, and locker, you own approximately___mirrors. (Include compacts. Don't include mirrored sunglasses unless that's their primary funtion.)
. One
. Two to four (cermin kat almari baju...cermin kecik atas meja study...cermin bedak kalu nk pakai tudung ttp gak gi tengok cermin kat wash room...cermin kt situ besor....huhu..)
. You lost count. Actually, you can't count that high!

Have you done any of the following? Check all that apply:
. Tried out for the lead in the school play
. Refused a supporting role in the school play, demanding the lead instead
. Sabotaged someones else's audition
. Run for student government
. Sent a tape of yourself to Survivor II
. Sent a tape of yourself to Oprah
. Put the TRL hot line on speed dial for those daily trivia questions
. Gone up to a random limo, hoping it was movie star inside, one who might give you a break
. Told people that you were the daughter of someone famous
. Performed in the school talent show. (dulu2 jer....huh..1 ni jer yg penah aku wat...)


FAME OR NO FAME. WHATEVER: (yea...whuteva....:-")
You like to be reconized as much as the next person (lalala....), but it's not, like, an obsession for you. Sure it might be fun to mingle with stars and varios boy bands members or even get a ride in a limo every now and then (limo..?? huhuhu...), but you've got a clear picture of what really matters--good friends (ye ke.....), keeping it real, and doing the right thing. Oh and the stalkers? No way!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What element are you???

arini 'daku' wat quiz pasal, water, earth, wind n tah ape2 lg laa...
sajer suke2...huhu

What personality fits you best?
· Stubborn, strong-willed, passionate
· Kind, calm, intelligent (intelligent tu xde ar...calm..huh..xanto asgnment unt 10 or 20 mark tu cam slamber je...dlm 3 4 kali gak spnjg duk U xanto kalau kind..huhu..kak ja slalu kater "mung ni baik sgt dekpom" n friends slalu gak kater "acik ni..baik sgt.." 'baik' ngan kater lain 'innocent..lurus..bendul..???..huhu' ye ar..wlpn byk terase ati ngan seseorg tu tp ttp rase nk tlg kalu dier mntk tlg...huh..seskali rase nk mrh gak ngan diri sndr...rase cam.....bengongggg....)
· Free-spirited, peace-loving, friendly
· Easily swayed, fun-loving, hyper
· Unique, individual, mixed

What is your favorite color?
· white/clear
· red, orange, yellow
· different shades of blue/gray
· green, brown
· I like all colors, like rainbow

What do you like to do in your spare time?
· Just lay outside under the trees and feel the breeze carry me away... (huhu...kalu dpt tdo bwh pokok best..maser kecik2 suker tdo bwh pokok rambutan dpn umah...dh besor sket tdo bwh pokok rambutan blakang kalu time tdo breeze tu kene ader...gune kipas pn xpe ;p..)
· Go to the beach/swim
· Go to a park nearby with friends and play under the hot sun
· Climb trees (maser kecik2 dulu ar...dh besor ni lbh ske tido...)
· I like to do a variety of things, like reading, running, etc.. (running..??? huhu...pantang....)

What do you like the most??
· Music!
· Nature
· The sun
· The ocean
· I like all of these things/Other

What's your fave season??
· Spring, when the Earth blooms!
· Summer, the swimming season!
· Fall, the wind blowing the different colored leaves is pure beauty!
· Winter, when I can watch the flames of a roaring fire dance, drinking hot cocoa! Yum!
· I like all the seasons.

Will you rate??
· Yes, wait, no, I DONT KNOW! (Me- 0.0) (ape2 je laa....)
· If I do, what do I get out of it? (Me- the happiness of me!)
· Sure, I'll give you 5 stars!! (Me- I like you!)
· No thank-you. (Me- At least you're polite)
· Maybe, it depends on my result.(Me-I"m like that too!)

How about a messege???
· Of course! You deserve it! (Me- Ooo! I REALLY like you! ^.^)
· Sure, at least you'll listen! (Me- I"m sorry to heear that!)
· Ummmm, I don't know! (Me- You're not very good with choices, are you?)
· No, but thanks for asking. (Me- You're pretty cool!)
· And, again, it depends on the result.(Me-and, again, I'm like that too!)

Which of these songs is your favorite?
· "Change" by:Taylor Swift
· "Hot 'n Cold" by:Katy Perry
· "One Step At A Time" by:Jordin Sparks
· "Bleeding Love" by:Leona Lewis (best pe lagu ni....)
. I like all these songs/Don't know anty of these songs/Don't like any of these

Dan....result nyer...huhu

Even, Beautiful Water
You are fun-loving, but are often swayed ( ke...). You're not very good with choices, which makes you a poor leader (hahaha...true..jd pak turut xpe..). But, you are very understanding (wakaka..). Also, you can be very hyper! You love Summer for it's heat, so that gives you reason to swim! ( swim langsung...) You change your mind often, but are not easily manipulated. Though, you can be naive, and are easily taken advantage of ( btol jer..). You would be a good lifeguard, artist, or technichion (what?? lifeguard???...ohhooooo...).Your emotions are even, but easily change.

So....tu je la...
quiz ni pn manusia yg cipta....
xleh la percaye sgt...
tp tuk saje suke2...ilang2 borink ok la...

Monday, November 24, 2008

First Quiz...

How Flirty are You?

When a cute guy/girl passes you in the hall, you...
· Stare at him/her open-mouthed and practically drooling... (huh..mane leh cam gini...)
· Flip your hair/Smile cheekily and give him/her a wink.
· Don't really care (Well I already have a boyfriend/girlfriend.) (I don't really care...but i don' have boyfriend)
· Ignore him/her completely. (jeling2 gak..huhu)

In class, a totally hot transfer student comes in and asks you about your school, you...
· Say, "Yeah, it's a cool school. Great teachers and stuff. You'll like it here." Then turn back to your friends. (harap2 lepas tu dier tegur lagi..;-))
· Say...."uhhhhh uhhhh uhhhhh..." then stare at him/her like he's/she's some beautiful rare bird. Smile and say," Oh you'll love it here! There are all the top facilities and the best teachers. And me! " Then you giggle.
· Don't even reply. [you're not interested in transfer students. you think they're weird and have a weird accent.] (uiks...nnt org tu cop sombong..)

Which celebrity do you think you're most compatible with?
· Angelina Jolie (huh..xske perampas..cian jennifer aniston)
· Paris Hilton
· Oprah Winfrey (org ckp aku ni baik pe...;p)
· Miley Cyrus

What kind of relationship do you CURRENTLY own?
· You are happy and with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
· You think that you're in need of a partner.
· Single, and loving it. (huhu...'loving it' now la..time diri tgh sebok2 lg nih..)
· Have many guys/girls falling in LOVE with you.

You'll describe yourselves as...[pick 2]
· Cute
· Hot
· Smart
· A good kisser
· Miss I-got-it-all
· Miss I-want-it-all (kongsi2 xbest..)
· Teacher's pet
· Oh-so loyal ( la kot)

How many times in a day do you flirt?
· 3? 4? 5?
· Never. (huh...)
· Never. I don't want my bf/gf to be jealous.
· Never. I want to but i always end up speechless and drooling.

How much do you really like the guy you flirt with?
· 60%
· 99.99%
· Just as a friend.
. erm...hard to say. I have never flirted before... (malu...)

So....resultnyer adalah:
So NOT!!
Seriously, you have gotta do something (ye ke..hurm). You don't care about flirting at all!! ( masalah nyer...) Some hair-flips or a cheeky grin won't kill ya! (ye la...tapi malu ar...huhu)

5340 other people got this result! That's 19% (huh...i'm not alone)